Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hawaii Ironman snow day

 We have 3" of new snow and it's still coming down, I'm psyched! A friend of mine is borrowing me an AT ski (randonee) set-up to try out. This means I can ski anywhere that I can run up here. I suck on the downhills with cross country skis but this set-up uses alpine like boots with a lockable heel which is what I'm used to. I'm excited to expand to another sport. Killian Jornet does this over the winters, can't be a bad thing then.

 And today is Ironman Hawaii.


Jeff Valliere said...

You'll have to wait a bit longer, 3" is not nearly enough.... ;)(queue "that's what she said" jokes)

Lucho said...

Ha! I lobbed that on in there. Once we start getting some real snow I'm planning on driving up to East Portal and skiing up Rollins Pass Road once the snow gets deeper. But ya, the roads up here today aren't holding anything yet and it's supposed to be back up in the 50's by Monday. I'm excited at the possibilities though. Something fun would be to ski up Rollins and camp on the Divide this winter. With my Sierra Designs sponsorship I can get a sweet alpine tent and some 'Everest' gear.

Jeff Valliere said...

Yeah, that will be sweet with your close proximity to the peaks. I'm sure you are well aware, but the Rollins Pass road traverses some avy prone slopes higher up

I'm guessing there is a live IM feed somewhere? Might be something fun to do on a dreary day.

Lucho said... Maybe the best live race coverage on the webs. They have live streaming video the entire day.

The guy lending me the skis told me about the slide risk up there. And another friend wants to go with me and he's very experienced in the back country. I'll be pretty cautious and definitely want to go with those guys the first few times.

mtnrunner2 said...

That's cool! Definitely some good conditioning and fun to boot. I've eyed those COSMIC races but I don't even have a beacon or real training, not to mention skinning skills. May go for an avy class this winter.

And my AT setup is so heavy it would be like hauling boulders. Rando gear "weighs the same as my breakfast."

Looking forward to all the snow pictures everyone takes this weekend. heh

Lucho said...

mtn- I'll probably looking to buy the heaviest gear I can :) Either that or I'll wear a pack with weight in it.