Monday, September 8, 2014

Leather fly rod case

52" long. Over 400 hand stitches. 7 trout. 13 flies. Mahogany antique finish.

Last minute change was adding this piece to close off the reel case. This was easily the most difficult sewing. The original idea wouldn't have been nearly this cool though. 

All told there are 13 flies on the case. 

Probably my favorite image is the trout tail that I added last minute when I couldn't figure out what to put in that space. 


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Reel Case II

Messing around with some heavy veg tan leather today and practicing carving and tooling. I gave my last reel case to a good friend yesterday.
My wolf. Practicing tooling and stamping. This is quite small and probably not ideal for learning the basics. Turned out  OK though. 

Another idea and certainly something I'll use again in the future. 

You can see the reference for size here. I tried painting the fish... meh. I'd like to try red and green paint. 

Getting ready to stitch. First though I added black edging dye and hand punched 48 stitch holes on every edge. That's 192 stitches.  

Before conditioning. 

After conditioning. 

I love this print and I do it with a small square stamping tool. 

A new home for my 43 year old South Bend reel. It fits perfectly. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Reel case.

My first try at a reel case. I bought a vintage South Bend reel a few weeks back. It matches my South Bend glass rod and was made in 1971, my birth year.
  I don't feel vintage though. I've been killing it in the weight room and in my runs and I feel stronger than ever... but I digress. I bought the leather to match and I tried my hand at stamping and I like how it turned out. I found the faux shearling at a thrift store.
  Fly fishing... it's a beautiful and amazing art.    

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Leadville camp

Great weekend with my boys up in one of my favorite places in the World, maybe even the whole county... Leadville and specifically Twin Lakes. We found a new site right on the Mt Elbert Forebay. The only downside was that the view of Hope Pass was blocked by trees. Interesting little reservoir in that the water levels vary ~10ft from evening to morning. Tons of fish too.


Ben with a fish on. 

Nice laker. 

Liv sleeping quite elegantly. 


Warm (tan) feet

Family sunset

Alarm clocks. 

Onesie fishing. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday night

Got up in to Golden Gate State Park tonight which is ~4 miles from home. Had the pond to myself.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday night

I need a water proof camera. I wanted to get out in the water but was held back by the simple idea that if I slipped I would ruin my camera. Similar thing that happened in Florida. I should leave it at home really. I spent 12 hours with my boys and then hit the river behind our house. It's flowing well so you need to get wet. No bites.